Shareholders Clive and Jill were privileged to witness a peculiar meeting between two honey badgers and a python. This is their account:

“Honey badgers are notoriously fearless, but shy of humans. So, it was a delight to get a brief sighting of not one, but two of them in broad daylight! They ran away as we rounded a bend in the road. We came to a halt next to a small umbrella thorn tree, which (much to our amazement) contained a large python. It seems that the badgers had been trying to pull it out of the tree by its tail. Of course, this was impossible, so they had started eating it anyway. Unsurprisingly, the python was not happy and lunged at me several times as I tried to get some close-up video of it. Believe me, you jump when a snake does this, so I never got the video, but I did get the following photos.”

Photos: Clive Bennett