Limpopo-Lipadi is a wonderful destination to share the wonders of the African bush with kids. Our summer visit with close friends included 4x kids aged 4 years and younger! We had a great week and enjoyed many memorable sightings.

Our first afternoon drive delivered a Brown Hyena and the single African Wild Dog at Old Man’s dam, a great start for our trip. Our main target was to find the new lion cubs, and we really worked hard for them. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find them. We did enjoy some incredible lion viewing though! The pride was hanging around on Black Rock one day, and we found them again one afternoon when we followed the pride while they walked down the entire Swartsloot from Cabbage dam, roaring along the way.

The highlight for the week was spotting a leopard resting in a baobab tree between Mbusi and Cabbage Dam, a sight we will never forget. My friend Felix Reinders (check out his great portfolio at got a great photo!

Highlights from our 5-day visit include:
– 4x African Wild Dog sightings
– Incredible lion viewing
– 2x brown hyena sightings
– 1x spotted hyena
– Leopard in a baobab tree
– 2x honey badgers

But, the most memorable was sharing these wonderful moments with the 4 kids. Not only ticking off the big mammals, but teaching them about Marula trees, elephant dung, Woodland Kingfishers, Leopard tortoises, frogs and all the joys the African bush has to offer.

Photos: Anton Kruger
Leopard photo: Felix Reinders