Sometimes the reserve is empty of cars and people, save the Anti-Poaching Unit of course. The ‘emptiness’ of people is one of the greatest privileges of being a shareholder: there are times that you have the place to yourself. The downside of this is that there may be no one who alerts you to a spectacular sighting. So it is a good custom among guides and shareholders to notify each other of anything interesting that crosses your way.

On one of those mornings without too many game drive vehicles out, we received a call on the radio: “we have the wild dogs here”. It’s a rare treat to spot them, so we headed in the direction of the other vehicle. Upon arrival, the wild dogs were just about to get up for their morning hunt. Then it came to strategizing which way they would be heading. Luckily, when we cut a corner, we bumped into them on the main road. Clearly on a mission, running in formation, completely ignoring us, heading out to find breakfast. At some point they went into the thick bush to find their prey and sadly we had to let them go off with their ventures. But obviously a great sighting, thanks to our friends in the other game vehicle!