Visiting Limpopo-Lipadi with some regularity has its perks. Shareholder Aileen tells us about her encounter with the cubs that are no cubs anymore.

In 2018 there were four little lion cubs roaming around the reserve. We got to spend many hours with them, watching them play and goofing around with each other and harassing their older siblings and parents.

Now, two years later, we got to see them again! All grown up now and on their own, away from the pride. Leaving the pride also means that you have to hunt, so out there on their own meant a crash course in survival skills for them. We watched them learn how to be effective hunters and try to catch some eland, which showed how clumsy they still were and how difficult it was for them to catch prey. I am sure that when we next visit they will have mastered all the skills necessary for survival!

Photos: Aileen Oosterling