In the last days before the Botswana lockdown, Graham Morgan visited the reserve with
some Australian friends, who had heard about the marvels of Limpopo-Lipadi and couldn’t wait to check things out for themselves. Here is Graham’s account of four blissful days:

“The pressure was on: day one was off to a cracking start as we drove up to Mogorosi and immediately bumped into four lions—one male and three females. We had them all to ourselves as there was nobody else in the reserve, so we spent at least an hour with them. Day two was mostly about general game, of which there was surprisingly plenty. Elephants, and a visit to the huge hollow baobab, and Lipadi Hill were part of the plan.
Day three was a dream day. We started early and as we arrived at Tholo, we were rewarded with this beautiful leopard. Our Aussie friends had never seen a leopard in the wild and I have never seen a leopard so relaxed. He ignored us completely and walked around the vehicle offering some fantastic photo shots. Wow, what an experience! After this, I thought I would try our luck at Mogorosi again, and as luck would have it, we drove straight into a lone wild dog. She ran off and disappeared, but as we looked up towards the hide, a rhino appeared, which was so lucky as we had really battled to find one until then. Believe it or not, after that, on the afternoon drive while having our sundowners at Mogorosi, the same wild dog appeared and offered some really good shots. What a fantastic finish to the day.
The last day was made up with a surprise bush dinner for our guests. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I believe this visit to Limpopo-Lipadi was the highlight of their trip to Southern Africa.”

Photos: Vanessa Pirotta