The Limpopo-Lipadi reserve encompasses about 21 000 hectares of African bush, where lions are the main predators.

With guidance from our experienced rangers, you can follow the footprints, find the pride and see how different individuals interact with one another.

The dominant lion is a beautiful nine-year-old male lion with a black mane. His pride is made up of his son and two daughters: a three-year-old young male and his twin sisters. The young lion is almost ready to go out on his own. At this age, he has learnt a lot from his father-guide, who encourages his independence, but also clings to the safety of the pride, often calling out to his sisters to rejoin them when they are away.

The two lionesses are more independent and very often out on their own to hunt. The lions are mostly hidden in the bush, surrounded by the colours of the green season.

Above the land, the roar of the king has the power to unite the pride and reminds all the other wildlife of their dominance over the territory.