More adventures of Martina and Jost during their stay at the Reserve.

“In front of our lodge we saw a dead animal swimming against stream. Strange? Finally we discovered the secret engine: a huge crocodile! But a second croc disputed that this is his prey. And so they drifted into the middle of the river. The water took the carcass downstream, so we also ran downstream, to the Central facility, to have a better view. When we arrived here, half the camp had already gathered. Not much later we witnessed the dead waterbuck dropping down from the waterfall. Only later we saw on the photos that the crocodile had not let go of its prey and also made the leap over the waterfall. For your reassurance – the croc survived, we saw it again a bit further downstream – of course with its giant prey.”

Photo credit: Martina Glatzl & Jost Künzli