Limpopo-Lipadi’s shareholders have the exclusive front seat to the best things a safari has to offer, like enjoying the bush at your own rhythm. Shareholder Conny made the best of it with her friends.

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“It was one of those lazy late afternoons, with the cooler bag packed, the ice cubes jiggling and the G&T’s calling for a relaxed sundowner moment as we set off into the last golden lights of our last evening bush trip before leaving the next day. We had no set ideas of where to go and said to our guide: Drive off into the sunset, we have all the time 🙂 and that he did.
We visited a few waterholes, all very quiet and peaceful, a few beautiful impalas, some zebra grazing here and there. After another quiet stop further up north, we decided to head off to Thelma’s Dam. It was a spur of the moment decision. I hadn’t been up there for quite some time.

As we turned the last bend, we spotted movement through the dense vegetation. I almost leapt out of my seat: it’s a jackal I whispered!! No no, it’s the wild dogs. We couldn’t believe our eyes. Here, within metres of our car, the entire pack was quietly resting, stretched out in front of the waterhole. We drove around, parked the car, rapidly clicking away, taking as many photographs as we could, thinking that these dogs would never stay for long. To our big surprise, they didn’t move at all, with the youngster happily frolicking about, annoying the elders to play with him. We sat watching as they interacted, played, walked down to the waterhole, or just simply relaxed, stretching their full bellies on the cooling sand. What a treat to have our sundowners with these beautiful mammals.

As the evening stretched out, the earth slowly exhaled and the sun dipped into its final deep orange glow, we looked longingly into the horizon wishing our trip would never end.”

Photos: Mel Black