What is Motse? Motse means ‘community’ in Setswana, the language most widely spoken in Botswana. By happy accident, the word Motse is also a combination of the first letters of Moletemane and Tsetsebjwe, the names of the two villages closest to Limpopo-Lipadi. Most of the reserve staff come from these villages, and the communities have been supportive of the reserve since its inception. The Motse Committee was formed to fund programmes impacting local community residents in positive ways. The committee is made up of representatives from the villages including businesspeople, teachers, local councilors, and Chiefs, as well as management and shareholders from Limpopo-Lipadi. The operating costs of the committee are covered by the reserve, so that 100% of all donations go to Motse programmes that are beneficial for the local communities, schools, clinic, etc. If you want to be a part of supporting our local communities, we invite you to join us in our work by contacting: ceo@limpopo-lipadi.org.

Photo: Alison Nicholls