Shareholder Guido spent some fabulous weeks in the Reserve. Read what he contemplates: “In my view all young animals are cute. Over the years we’ve seen so many impala and zebra young during our visits to the Reserve. For example, during a night drive, we saw a genet (a small cat) crossing the road followed by several baby genets. A few minutes later we saw mama porcupine with two porcupettes (baby porcupines). Last August we were happy to see the twelve wild dog pups. And now, during our last visit in October, we encountered some other youngsters: three (of a litter of five) jackal pups in a den nearby the Reserve’s main entrance, and two double-banded sandgrouse chicks crossing the road, each accompanied by mom or dad. Lovely sightings indeed. And with dropping season ahead for many animals, the Reserve will be full of baby animals, really something worth a visit!”

So… what is your favourite baby animal in Africa?

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Photo’s: Guido van Toorenburg