Nature is quite unpredictable, so we all as shareholders accept that there will be visits with many good sightings, but sometimes less good days, with more focus on tracking and waiting to come across a good sighting. Shareholders Guido and Nancy had some very good weeks at the Reserve, especially because they decided to take it a bit slower. Here’s their story:
“We have been very lucky again with our game drives the two weeks we visited Limpopo-Lipadi. On our first drive we saw a leopard, among many other animals. The best sightings however were after waiting and being patient at one of the waterholes. After half an hour of watching two Egyptian geese and some birds, the show started with a nice dazzle of zebra and a herd of impala coming in for a drink. Then rhino Nelson appeared over the small dam, shortly followed by Zimba. Suddenly a big mob of banded mongoose came along for a drink as well. After the rhino’s left we saw a massive eland in the bushes. We knew we had to be patient, as eland are very skittish and cautious to appear. After 20 minutes it was relaxed enough to come down for a drink, which gave us the chance to take some nice pictures. All in all, we spent more than 2 hours at the waterhole, but as we were enjoying our slow safari, it was time very well spent.”

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Photo’s: Guido van Toorenburg