The number of leopards that shareholders Paul and Cheryl spotted during their recent stay is incredible. Although there still is this story (with myth-like proportions) of shareholder Walt who once spotted five different leopards in one day, the score of leopard sightings by Paul and Cheryl is still nothing short of amazing… Read the story:
“One late afternoon we were pointed to a leopard in a large shepherd’s tree near a place called Two Cribs, near the main road. It had killed an impala, had pulled it into the tree and was guarding it. Soon after it came down, possibly looking for a drink at the spring south of the main road.
A lot of meat was left, so we decided to get up early the next morning and return to the kill before sunrise. As hoped our leopard had returned during the night and was busy finishing its kill. It was a little difficult to get a clear view in between the many branches and dense foliage, which required some offroad driving with precise positioning of our cruiser. However, the light after sunrise was gorgeous and produced some excellent photo opportunities. When we left for our breakfast, the cat was still in the tree.”

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Photos: Cheryl and Paul Freund