Meet the ‘house pets’ around the lodges

Wed 04 Jan 2023

Some of the nicest or cutest ways to encounter wildlife is not always when you drive out in the Reserve, as you can read in Guido’s story: “For years we have been familiar with all kinds of ‘house pets’ at the different lodges in Limpopo-Lipadi. We have become quite used to having our resident bushbuck around at lodge 4, as well as the daily visits of the playful (and sometimes very cheeky) vervet monkeys. Lodge 5 reported a nest of African Hoopoe’s. And we were very happy to discover a new guest around our lodge recently, a bushbaby. Almost every evening we saw it jumping from tree to tree and disappearing high up in the trees before we could take a picture of this lovely, tiny primate. Fortunately, we had a great opportunity to take pictures of a different bushbaby near Tholo dam, so the pictures you see are not taken from the lodge (but cute enough as it is).

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Photo’s Guido van Toorenburg