It had been a couple of weeks since the Limpopo-Lipadi wild dog family had made a (visual) appearance. They seemed to be hiding in the very North of the Reserve, in the thickest of bush, inaccessible for humans and their cars. Yes, sometimes tracks were found on the road, but not heading anywhere where we could see them. Then guide Lucky and these shareholders picked up on some tracks and followed those on foot. Just as they were heading back to the game drive vehicle, they saw two dogs following them down the road (or so it seemed). So, at last, the dogs were on the move. Quickly back in the car, following the two and then seeing them reunite with the rest of the pack, with all those squeaky noises… What a joy!
All the dogs except the late arrivers had already devoured an impala they had caught earlier that morning. In the pack, the small and sick or elderly get to feed first, so those bellies were big and full. For the two that had been on their own hunting mission, it was time to pick up the last bits of impala that were left for them. Ten minutes after the kill there was nothing but skin and bones left. The feeding frenzy was over, and all dogs laid down for a full-bellied nap.

How many wild dogs do you count?

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Photos and video: Cornelie de Jong