Bi-annually we at Limpopo-Lipadi do an elaborate count of our animals, to see which animals are thriving, others who may be over-predated, the effects of periods of draught, etcetera. This count is done from a helicopter by our veterinarian Eric Verreynne, with the help form our guides and anti-poaching unit. This count delivers many insights for managing the Reserve’s flora and fauna, but it’s only done once every other year.
Since about 6 months we have an app available, with which animals can be counted and mapped in a simple way, for all visitors of the Reserve to use. Currently, the app has already been used 3,000 times. Our management can use it to make statistical evaluations that provide conclusions about the behaviour of the animals. For example, we were able to determine how the territories and the herd size change. By counting the young animals, the long-term population can be calculated. By collecting data, comparisons with previous years are possible.
So, when you visit the Reserve and want to use the app, please download it before taking off in the bush. The app must be started at the lodge with wifi reception and then works without internet. When you get back to the lodge, the data are transmitted to the server and deleted on your mobile. The operation of the app is intuitive and can be used without instructions.

If you would like to be a part of our conservation efforts, do call on us. For discreet information on share sales, contact To book a safari, request our rates via WhatsApp: (+267) 75995115, or via the reserve’s office: (+267) 2630198/9.