In March, 12-15 invited artists, crafters and curators will be gathering at Limpopo-Lipadi for Art Week – the first event of its kind at the Reserve. The group will be painting and drawing wildlife and landscapes together, experimenting with creating art from upcycled materials, and will be spending 2 days teaching sketching classes for children in the nearby villages. In addition to accommodation & catering costs, every artist is paying a fee of $150 which will be used for future art-related activities in the schools and local communities. The idea for Art Week came about when a group of artistically-minded Limpopo-Lipadi shareholders started meeting on zoom to discuss how to bring more art to the area. We hope Art Week will become a regular feature of the Limpopo-Lipadi calendar, and will inspire creative activities both on the reserve and in the surrounding communities. As you can see, we will have plenty of inspiration for our art!

Artist Alison Nicholls makes the word Art out of feathers, dung and sticks in Botswana

A painted dog or African wild dog sits in a green waterhole to cool down, in Limpopo-Lipadi Game Reserve, Botswana.

Full moon reflected in the Limpopo River

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