Besides the smaller hornbill species (yellow-, red- and grey-billed) Limpopo-Lipadi boasts the presence of some Southern ground-hornbills. If they are out in the open or in flight, it’s impossible to miss them. Their sheer size is at an impressive 1-meter height, weighing 6 kilos and a wingspan of 1.8 meters.

Some fun facts about these impressive birds are that they exhibit cooperative breeding, living in groups of 2 to 11 individuals. The group is usually made up of a dominant breeding pair, usually the oldest or biggest and strongest birds. They will be the only pair to mate and are generally monogamous for their entire lives. The other birds act as a sort of support structure. They will hunt, help take care of the young, and do much of the “work” of the flock.
So, if you happen to see these ground hornbills around the Reserve, stop for a while and try to observe their behaviour. Have you ever seen ground hornbills at the Reserve?

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