Making the most of their stays, Nancy and Guido go out twice a day to soak up the goodness of Limpopo-Lipadi. Here is a story of their recent visit:
“During our stays we usually start our drive on the Southern Plains. We love the area, especially when it is so beautifully green. This is probably why there is so much wildlife at the area. We saw lots of impala and zebra, but for us for the first time, we also saw a herd of eland. Normally, these gorgeous antelopes are rather shy and skittish. But due to the open area, we were able to come up close and enjoy them for quite some time.
But it’s not only mammals we enjoy while on the Plains. There are so many bird’s species to enjoy. Several species of bee-eaters, European roller, red-crested cuckoo, and many birds of prey. A paradise for ornithologists, but also for bird lovers like us!”

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Photos: Guido van Toorenburg