During the recent Art Week at Limpopo-Lipadi Reserve in Botswana, artist Alison Nicholls taught sketching classes at the secondary school in Tsetsebjwe. Here is her account of a very special day for all parties involved: “We did a 2-hour class focusing on drawing landscapes and buildings from life. This is a very different exercise from the detailed drawings the students usually do from photos, but some of the children picked it up straight away. It was a hot day so you can see that we stuck to shady places under trees and the new covered assembly area funded by Motse.“   ⁠Motse is the community outreach arm of Limpopo-Lipadi and Alison is the current chair of this shareholder committee. Motse means community in Setswana and also happens to be made up of the first letters of the names of the 2 local villages – MOletemane and TSEtsebjwe. Motse has funded school uniforms, covered assembly areas, medical equipment for local clinics and duplicators for all four schools. If you would like to know how you can support Motse and local communities in the Tuli Block of Botswana, please send us a message.⁠

Photos: Alison Nichols