It is with pride that Limpopo-Lipadi wishes to announce the strong strides we as a Private Game & Wilderness Reserve are undertaking in conservation, as the core of our existence in the Tuli Block, Botswana.

In the last ten years, we’ve become the home to a number of rhinos who have been thriving in our beautiful Reserve, with a number of calves being born over the years. Yet, with the increasing threat of the poaching that has now also reached Botswana, we have decided to up our efforts to keep our rhinos out of harm’s way.

In short, this means that we have strongly reinforced and trained our anti-poaching unit and we are supported by the Botswana Defence Force. Our effort is also helped by the tracker dogs who can locate our rhinos in the most efficient way during day and night time, so we can always keep our vigilant eyes on these magnificent creatures.

Another important part of conservation is the dehorning of all of our rhinos, which will be repeated at least once a year, so there will be no horns to be poached off our rhinos. Our sole purpose is that our animals are kept safe and happy, so we will be able to receive rhino cows in this safe environment and breed them as part of our conservation effort and their existence in Botswana.