Anti Poaching
Mon 07 Dec 2020

Dehorning our rhinos to keep them safe

Dehorning of rhino has become a top poaching mitigation method over the years and is now required by law for all rhino living in Botswana.

Anti Poaching
Fri 07 Aug 2020

Elephants on the move

The elephant translocation project started on Thursday, 23 July and by late afternoon, the first two elephants were making the 650-kilometre journey to their new home.. Only two elephants can be transported at a time and so it will take until mid-August to complete the translocation of the 20 bull elephant that the Reserve has permission to move.

Anti Poaching
Mon 13 Jul 2020

Landscapes of Fear

Limpopo-Lipadi recently got permission to translocate 20 elephant bulls that have settled in the reserve over time and are destroying the big trees, many of which took hundreds of years to grow. Elephants are made for Africa, not small pockets of Africa.

Anti Poaching
Mon 01 Jul 2019

Watch out for our K9-unit!

In our anti-poaching efforts to keep our wild animals out of harms’ way, we have our canine unit (K9) constantly…

Anti Poaching
Fri 21 Jun 2019

Anti-Poaching Training Passing-out parade

  Today, we were proud to graduate a total of 15 young men from the nearby villages. After 5 weeks…

Anti Poaching
Mon 27 May 2019

Walking the fence

Every day our guys from the anti-poaching unit not only drive around and locate our (dehorned) rhinos, but among many…

Anti Poaching
Fri 12 Oct 2018

Keeping our rhinos safe

It is with pride that Limpopo-Lipadi wishes to announce the strong strides we as a Private Game & Wilderness Reserve…