A night under the stars

Thu 25 Apr 2019

Some people ask why on earth anyone would trade a comfy bed in our lodges for a sleep out in the Reserve. The answer is simple: for the incredible (and comfortable) experience of being out there in the open space, tents with great beds set out, ‘braai’ dinner prepared by our fabulous staff, drinks at hand.

Later on, after dinner, just sitting around the fire under a baobab tree and watching the Milkyway appear right above your head while hearing the sounds of the bush all around you. Was that a jackal that barked? And hey, I am pretty sure I heard a hyena close by. Wait a minute, was that a leopard calling?

During the night in your bed, you hear the owls, some sniffing around the tent and more calls in the far. You almost don’t want to sleep, afraid you might miss some of the action during the night. But sleep takes over at some point anyway. At the crack of dawn, the fire is poked up and you start the day with a tea or coffee, before breaking up for the morning drive.

Being in the heart of what the bush is all about is a thrilling and unforgettable experience. A once in a lifetime for most people, but that we – as shareholders – can do during every visit, if we should wish to do so. Such a privilege!