Every day our guys from the anti-poaching unit not only drive around and locate our (dehorned) rhinos, but among many safety routines, they also take long walks along our fences to inspect those and look for tracks while observing what is going on both sides of the fence. This provides the anti-poaching unit with crucial information necessary to keep our animals out of harm’s way and it also signals to our neighbours and the communities around us that we take the protection of the Reserve seriously. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a nice chat or crack a joke with the neighbouring farmers that they sometimes meet along the fence, but it also shows that they have their vigilant eyes on anything that may happen.

So if you are staying at Limpopo-Lipadi and you are in for some really good exercise, these guys are very happy to share their experience with you. In return this makes them feel proud to show what they do to keep the Reserve a safe place.