A couple of months ago I visited Limpopo-Lipadi with shareholder Ian and during our one-week stay I was deeply impressed by the variety and beauty of the wildlife in the reserve. There was probably no wild African animal we did not see (well, except for the buffalo).

It is not only the wildlife, but also the people that I will remember. Besides our wonderful guide, Actor, I definitely think of the maintenance and anti-poaching guys who invited me to play football with them. As a big football fan this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me, although I have to admit that unfortunately my team lost by 1-2 when I participated in their weekly match.

We also met nice and open-minded people when we visited the school near the reserve. As a teacher from Germany, I was really impressed by the work my colleagues in the local school do and I was surprised that the equipment was not all that different from the schools in Germany.

I really hope to come back to Limpopo-Lipadi someday, it was such a wonderful and memorable experience.